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Indosps Bogatama Sukses


PT.INDOSPS BOGATAMA SUKSES was originally one of the companies engaged in the provision of foodstuffs. Started operations since October 16, 2009 with the name of the company body CV. INDOSPS, our company is continuously focused and committed to providing quality, safe and halal food products to meet market demand. Quality, safe and lawful aspect is always a priority of our company to ensure the quality of the product is always excellent.

Supported by the development of the culinary industry, encouraging the increase in the need for foodstuffs which then plays an important role for the development of our company, so that in early 2012, CV.INDOSPS can further develop and strengthen the corporate body into PT.INDOSPS BOGATAMA SUKSES..

In accompanying the company's progress, we started to develop the products we distributed by adding imports of products from several countries ranging from Singapore, Thailand, China, Hongkong Japan and America. Due to the demand of foreign markets in the near future. The company will develop the results of Indonesian fishery and agricultural products for export to various Southeast Asian countries in general and Singapore Thailand Malaysia Cambodia in particular.




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